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A view of the Neuchwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

Europe 2003: The Emails

Jul 24, 2003 | No Comments

From: jvidar@usc.edu Subject: where's my roomate? Date: July 4, 2003 1:53:01 AM PDT Well I'm finally in Munich and out of greece... Although I think I had reached a certain comfort level there knowing my way around and such. When I arrived in Munich (having become used to the 90-100 degree weather in greece) it was raining and about 60 degrees... I of course was wearing shorts and a light t-shirt... I went to marienplatz where I was hoping to meet up with my roommate but I guess he hasn't gotten my emails yet so I got stuck waiting for nothing... I did however see a picture that is normally only in children's book drawings - there is this castle-esque looking building in marienplatz and the rain cleared up just long enough for a giant double rainbow to emerge in the sky right over the castle building... it was quite a sight... and definitely made hanging out there worth it. I do have to say it is definitely nice to be in a place where you can get an hour of internet for only 1 euro again! Anyways if anyone hears from my roommate Corbin tell him i'm looking for him... and Ian and Chris I'm off to go buy tang from the turks... jon

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A scene from the Despotiko Excavation in Greece

Despotiko 2003: The Emails

Jul 1, 2003 | No Comments

From: jvidar@usc.edu Date: May 21, 2003 10:39:11 AM PDT Hey all I only have 10 minutes left on my internet access but I'm just emailing to let you all know that I got in ok I went to dinner last night with my professor and a fellow SC student at a nice little tavern... its nice having my professor around since he knows where the locals go... Today my friend Sameer and I left Athens at 7am for corfu... we arrived at 6pm and have been sitting on the beach ever since... its really beautiful here - totally worth the 11 hours of travel! well my time is almost up... hope all is well! jon

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