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A statue's head in Nemrut Dagi, Turkey

Turkey 2005: Update from Dyarbakir

May 20, 2005 | No Comments

So I have finished my first week of the dig... It is pretty intense! Our schedule is: Wake up at 5am, on the site by 6, work until 9 and have breakfast, then work again until 2... At which point, we leave the site and head home for lunch and spend the evening working on cataloging all of our day work in the database. Fun stuff! The dig itself is pretty fun but hard work... It's actually not nearly as much physical labor as the last dig i worked on because on this one we have 20+ workmen as opposed to 3 like we did in greece... The workmen is actually a pretty interesting story though - We have had workmen from this one village for the last five years but this year they wanted a raise that was bigger than we could afford to give them... They basically unionized and went on strike thinking that we couldn't work without them... In the end we just went over to the next village and had new workmen within two hours! The foreman of the original crew has been calling trying to get their jobs back because in a village that size he lost a huge amount of prestige by losing them for everyone. They wont be working with us again though... Apparently there has been a lot of back stabbing problems with them in the past.

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A view of the Tigris River as seen from the Kenan Tepe excavation near Diyarbakir, Turkey

Turkey 2005: News From Turkey

May 15, 2005 | No Comments

Well... I made it to Turkey in one piece... Just as a warning though, the keyboards are different here so there are probably going to be a lot of typos!

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Colorful lamps hang in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey 2005: At it again...

May 12, 2005 | No Comments

Once again I'm headed out to foreign lands and new adventure. Just to recap... Since freshman year of college, I have taken two cross-country trips, back packed in europe twice, australia once, and worked on an archaeological dig in Greece. And those are just the big trips...

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