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Kids pose for a photo in the street in Bismil, Turkey

Turkey 2007: Burned Houses and Gas Station Weddings

Jun 18, 2007 | No Comments

Well sweet things are finally happening in my trench now that we are pushing the end of the season. I am in the process of excavating a collapsed house that burned down in the Ubaid period (about 6500 years ago). It is incredible, as the fire that destroyed the house left everything almost perfectly preserved. Through the material we have already excavated, we have been able to determine the order of collapse from roof caving in, to walls collapsing. We are just now getting through the collapse layer, so we should be getting some really cools stuff coming out within the next few days.

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Tanks can be seen in the distance heading for the Turkey - Iraq border

Turkey 2007: Iraq Mobilization & Malaria Dreaming

Jun 5, 2007 | 2 Comments

I made it into Turkey alright with only a few minor snags. One being that I didn't know about the new policy at London Heathrow that they only allow one carry-on bag now and British Airways only allows two checked bags... I had 4 bags total, so to solve this problem, I had to make a "quick" stop at a luggage store in LAX and buy a giant duffle bag and repack everything in the airport. It had to have been a pretty amusing site watching as all my stuff was spread out across the floor waiting to be repacked!

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