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A street screen from Tokyo, Japan

Asia 2005: Beijing Ass-kicking and Tokyo Spending

Dec 28, 2005 | No Comments

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I'm in Tokyo right now getting ready for my 10 hour flight back to LA tomorrow. Where I lost a day flying out here, I get it back on the way home... I leave at 5pm on the 29th and arrive on the same day at 10am!

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Statues of Buddha in a Bangkok temple

Asia 2005: The Trojan Family and King Kong in Hong Kong

Dec 21, 2005 | No Comments

After leaving Cambodia, I headed for Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. I met a friend of my sister while I was there and he showed me some local restaurants and hang outs at night which were pretty fun. It was nice actually seeing the local life (be it through the eyes of a couple americans, a brit, an Aussie, and a couple burmese!). The real fun was driving around in the tuk-tuk taxi's all night after my friends moped got a flat tire!

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Ornamental boats in Beijing, China

Asia 2005: Thai Boxing and Jungle Temples

Dec 14, 2005 | No Comments

Well bangkok came and went... And I think it was for the best! I realized that Bangkok is really just a transit city - you don't want to spend more than a day or two there. I was very happy with my hostel though and realized I was in the right place when I saw one of the glass seeing eyes from Turkey hanging in the reception area. There was something oddly comforting about it... Bangkok has a few temples that are nice including a huge reclining buddha and the grand palace was impressive (it would have been more so if the entire building wasn't being worked on!)... I also went to Chinatown and a very popular (i.e. overpriced touristy) street called Khoa San Road.

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A view of a temple in Chang Mai, Thailand

Asia 2005: What happened to Saturday?

Dec 10, 2005 | No Comments

Well I have finally arrived in Bangkok... For those of you that didn't know, my flight was delayed 6 hours at LAX because someone had flushed something down the toilet and clogged the system.... Of course I only had a 1 hour layover in Osaka before heading to Bangkok so there was no way I was going to make that flight! Luckily Japan Airlines has become my new favorite Airline... They gave us meal vouchers at LAX and then arranged for an entirely new flight to bangkok leaving just after our arrival in Osaka. They were originally going to put us all on flights the next day but soon realized there were too many of us and we wouldn't have all made it on the next day either. Instead they hired Thai Airlines to add a flight and we pretty much all had entire rows to ourselves in our own private 737! United probably would have made us buy a new ticket all together and just said we were out of luck!

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 boy plays in the water outside of the temple in Angkor Wat

Asia 2005: At it again...

Dec 9, 2005 | No Comments

So for those of you who don't know.... I am leaving for Asia in about 9 hours! I will be going to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, and Japan. If any of you have any advice let me know...

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