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A ship is seen in the distance while diving in the Great Barrier Reef

Australia 2004-05: Back in the States

Jan 10, 2005 | No Comments

The last few days of the trip were at lightning speed so I didn't really have time to get any emails out... I think i left off with the speeding ticket on the way to Cairns though... So I'll start there.

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A tropical band welcomes us to the Whit Sunday Islands in Australia

Australia 2004-05: Resorts and Speeding Tickets

Jan 5, 2005 | No Comments

So we spent two days in the Whitsunday islands... Basically one amazing resort island after the next! The first day we went to on of the smaller ones - Daydream Island - where we took full advantage of all of their amenities as if we were actual guest of the resort (we were actually just staying at a hostel back on the mainland)... While we were on the island we went sailing, used the resort pools, and practiced snorkeling all when we were supposed to go to the "Day visitor" side of the island! It was great!

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A street scene from Nimbon, Australia

Australia 2004-05: The Coastal Regions... Part 1

Jan 3, 2005 | No Comments

So we got a rental car in brisbane and ended up driving to Surfers Paradise in the gold coast and Byron Bay. The first place was just as it is described - surfers paradise! Miles of beaches and a huge surf community... Byron Bay was more of a hippie surf area so it was interesting to see the difference between a trendy surf town and a hippie surf town!

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A view of the fireworks over the Sydney Opera House on New Year's Eve in Sydney, Australia

Australia 2004-05: Happy New Years!

Dec 31, 2004 | No Comments

Happy new years everyone! I am here in Sydney and having a great time! We spent new years in a large park near the Sydney Opera House and watched the fireworks show... It was a very fun night!

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Ayers Rock in Uluru, Australia

Australia 2004-05: Going Down Under

Dec 27, 2004 | No Comments

Well most of you know this already but I'm leaving in a few hours for Australia! I will be sending updates a few times during the trip and right now this is the email list I have compiled... If I'm forgetting anyone let me know!

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