Turkey 2006: Questions Answered

Jun 13, 2006
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Our backyard storage depot on the Kenan Tepe Excavation
Above: Our backyard storage depot on the Kenan Tepe Excavation.

First off, the answers to some of the questions from my last entry:

Cay (Pronounced Chai) is a Turkish tea that you are given practically everywhere you go in here... I have probably had 8 glasses in a single day before... easy! How it is made is actually kind of interesting -- They have this double-decker tea kettle that they keep on constant heat. In the top kettle, they have a highly concentrated mix of the tea and a little bit of water. In the bottom kettle, they keep water at a constant boil. When they go to pour a glass, they mix about 1/5 a glass of the highly concentrated mix combined with the boiling water of the bottom kettle. As a result, they are basically able to keep the tea boiling all day long...

And unfortunately, the blue mosque is not really blue... It actually has more of a greyish tint on the outside. The name however, comes from the blue Iznik tiles that cover the inside walls which you can see in this picture...

The mosques itself was built in 1617 by Sultan Ahmet as a response to the Hagia Sophia which lies directly across from it.

Hagia Sophia

Blue Mosque

Our backyard storage depot on the Kenan Tepe Excavation

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